Yoga for Runners & Running for Yoga

Running and yoga seem like such polar opposites but really they are both the perfect compliment to each other and done right, enhance each other perfectly.

I recently downloaded a free couch to 5k app to get me jogging again after a long time not. Like a very very long time. Yoga requires a certain level and type of fitness but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I let other aspects of fitness fall short in favour of the beautiful stretches of yoga. Like in all aspects of life I believe in balance, here I am. And at the moment I like running because firstly it’s doesn’t require much kit and secondly I genuinely believe you don’t need to run very far or for very long to get some benefits. Which is why I like this couch to 5k. I’m feeling something and it doesn’t hurt too much. So it’s sustainable.  As a total novice and yogi at heart I don’t like my running to impact on my yoga practice, I recommend throwing some yoga in before, after or both. Focus on legs, shoulders and anything that feels tense. Take some focused, controlled breaths to recenter yourself. 

From January 2019, I’ll be offering a couch to 5k and yoga course from Stirchley Baths in partnership with a qualified running coach. This course is designed for complete beginners to running and yoga to get build up skills from scratch. Get in touch if you have running experience and you’d like to join anyway, there may be a weekly 5k run option too. 

Keep your eyes peeled for bookings. This is one I’m excited for.