Couch to 5k Run & Yoga Course


Train to run 5k in just 9 weeks, add yoga for a full body/mind workout and relaxation. 

This course is designed for beginners (and returners) to running to slowly work towards a 5k goal.  In this programme you’ll do one of the 3 runs for that week as a group led by our Run Leader. You’ll then plan in two further runs on your own following the same plan for that week. We’ll set up a motivational whatsApp group to help you stay on task and maybe even plan in a run with others. 

The run will end back at Stirchley Baths where you will be able to change and set up for yoga and relaxation with Ella. It’s a great opportunity to extend the cool down, properly stretch and also focus on some toning. 

In week 1 the interval jogging/walking will take up around 20 minutes of the allocated time. The rest of the session will be back at Stirchley Baths with yoga and relaxation. By week 9 we’ll be out running for around 35 minutes. 

This course is suitable for all aged 12 and up. If you have any existing health concerns please get in touch in advance of booking to discuss suitability for the course. 

Already a runner and would like to join this group. Please get in touch to discuss the possibility of a weekly 5k run.