Yoga in the Workplace

Give your workplace the edge by providing in-house yoga classes for employees. Yoga has been proven to improve overall health and well-being and increase productivity. We can offer classes to suits you, in your workspace.

Another Space Yoga has everything taken care of. We offer friendly and inclusive corporate yoga classes in Birmingham.  We only work with insured, trained, engaging and approachable teachers who deliver fun and energising classes. There are a wide range yoga classes we offer;

  • CHAIR YOGA to take back to your desk

  • ONE OFF YOGA SESSIONS as part of a larger event

  • WEEKLY OR MONTHLY YOGA CLASS before work, at lunchtime or after hours

We will help you choose a suitable space, source equipment and look at what type of yoga will work best for your employees. Click on the button below to contact us to find out more.


"Ella was recommended to us when we were looking for a yoga teacher to come into the office and run group sessions before or after work. Having a desk job, and looking at a computer all day isn’t ideal for the mind or body and we were looking for easy ways to improve our health and try something new to help boost wellbeing and morale. The sessions are great, the class is flexible on the day depending who turns up, whether it needs to be beginner or more advanced. Ella is super friendly and really happy to mix things up, like teaching me arm balances because that’s what all the cool yogis do on Instagram! I would absolutely recommend Another Space Yoga and Ella if you’re looking for a corporate yoga teacher – we don’t have a special room, we just move furniture to create enough space to lay down a mat and get in the zone." 

Nina @ MediaCom

"Health and well being in the workplace has been the main focus of ours in the building this year. The introduction of yoga with Ella has had amazing benefits for those who have attended. Occupier's are feeling more relaxed after a hard days work and going home feeling more positive. It's also been a great way to introduce an activity which many people may not have had the chance to do outside of the office. 

Ella creates a calming and open atmosphere, allowing people from different companies to come and practice in peace and confidence. Her use of music during the session really transforms the space and focuses you on the present. She has created a dedicated following with us and is showing us the path to a more enlightened work force."

Jasmine @ One Colmore Square